Custom Hardware Design

Today’s savvy consumers expect products to provide useful functions in a way that is easy to use. Consumers also want products that express their values and aspirations. To fulfill these needs and desires, complex hardware framework is must in new products.

Avior offers a wide range of hardware design and improvement capabilities. We can fulfill your electrical circuit design needs with a team of highly talented electrical design engineers who have many years of experience in advanced analog and digital circuit design.

Our hardware engineers have broad experience in the electronics and related industries. At Avior, our specialists have access to the most appropriate tools and resources for developing innovative products. We can provide circuit design, prototyping, bread-boarding, programming, embedded systems, and high-level analog and digital design.

How it works?

Our electronics engineers commonly communicate with Avior's other design and engineering departments. Close cooperation between electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial design, and systems engineering allow us to develop products quicker and more productively than other product development firms.

Avior has an extensive set of tools for electrical circuit design, simulation, and testing, including FPGA design. The mix of talented hardware engineers and state of the art equipment, allows Avior to deliver you a design optimized for functionality and manufacturing.

The Avior EE team refines the system requirements allocated to the electronics to produces an electronics requirement specification document. In parallel the EE team works with the system engineering team and the software team to develop a system block diagram. The EE team works with the ME and ID teams on the generation of the BOM (Bill Of Materials) for the product.

The Avior EE team generates schematic diagrams for both prototype and production systems. Once the schematic has been approved, the board layout process is started. Once the board layout process is completed, the board fabrication process is executed. Avior electronic technicians who are capable of soldering surface mount parts assemble fabricated PCB boards. The assembled board is first tested by the electronics engineer, and then taken through electronics and software "board bring up", the initial board checkout activity includes FPGA and software integration and testing. After these activities are complete, the board is ready to be deployed in the system and system level module integration testing is executed.

The EE team performs the following activities during the course of a typical project:

  • Requirements Definition
  • System Design
  • Schematic Capture
  • Board Layout
  • PCB Assembly
  • Design Verification
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Compliance Engineering
  • FPGA Design
  • Synthesis
  • Simulations
  • Test

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