Design strategy, innovation, experience.

We are creative problem solvers. Our multidisciplinary personnel rethinks every problem that is put before them. It’s not about change for change's sake. It’s about innovation at every level of our strategy planning and development efforts to one end: creating successful solutions that enhance your business’ performance in an ever-changing and competitive marketplace.

Applying lean philosophy in the product design phase by eliminating variation through standardized systems and processes cuts time and cost, typically reducing product development time by more than 40%. Ensuring close collaboration between the design team and manufacturing personal ensures that the design can be optimally commercialized. Validating assumptions made in the product design cycle by measuring end-user ease-of-use ensures that improvements are easily implemented, which improves competitiveness from both cost and market perspectives. Choosing the right components helps engineers design cost-effective, functional, consistent, ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing, and compact devices. Design engineers and project managers will require in-depth components knowledge to take advantage of all these components options early in the product development phase so that by making the right choices, with technical assistance, they can gain competitive edge.

Most technology engineers are challenged to keep up with the rapid pace of technology development. If you’re under-resourced and overworked, you can still achieve your goals. Partner with the R&D consultants at AviorPd to benefit from custom product development using the latest technologies.

Our goal is to create an environment that facilitates an ecosystem for developing new products and a continuous integration of change whether driven by technology, regulations, or research needed by our clients.

Avior Product Development transforms our client's product ideas into reality. We integrate a highly talented multi discipline engineering team which includes software, electronic, mechanical, and user interface design to produce electromechanical/software driven products that meet our clients' needs.

What Avior brings to a client's project:

  • Proven requirements based product development process that is scalable to meet the safety/criticality requirements of the project.
  • Program managers with multi engineering discipline experience.
  • Ability to "join" a project at any stage in the product life cycle.
  • Provides "Just in time" staff up and staff down.
  • Relationships with several partners and contract manufacturers.
  • A company culture that is focused on client success.

Whether you have an idea that you want to turn into a reality, need to redesign an existing product, or are looking to simplify a design to reduce materials and labor costs, we can help. We work closely with our clients because we believe a collaborative relationship leads to the greatest innovation.

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