Health Technology Innovation at CES 2016

Annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 in Las Vegas this year brought great new electronic consumer products.

The event highlighted new consumer technology coming out later in the year, like laptops and tablets. The main U.S. mobile phones companies like Google and Apple don't present products at the show and they prefer to introduce their new mobile devices and software at their main events. The auto companies made great impact in the first day of the show while presenting their next generation electronics for cars., which will be available later this year.

Health companies presented new personal health devices at the gadget show. L'Oreal showed the My UV Patch, a little sensor fit for following the measure of sun exposure an individual encounters amid the day. Different companies like First Response introduced a cell phone situated pregnancy test, and Aterica introduced a brilliant case for EpiPen clients that tells them when they leave an infusion at home and additionally tests the temperatures of encompassing environment to protect the medication's intensity.

Fitness trackers are prominent items to showcase at CES. Well known buyer brands, for example, Under Armor, Garmin, and Fitbit are showing their new innovations. A few companies were on the show floor with items, for example, smart t-shirts, smart hearing aid, circulatory strain screens, and gadgets intended to relieve pain with infrared innovation.

Throughout the following 12 months, these gadgets will rethink what we consider as the Internet of Things.

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