We translate intellectual property from proof of concept to commercial solution.

Can any one who wants to be innovative become truly innovative? Unfortunately the answer is no. Innovation is market driven, hard, focused, purposeful work. That is why from the beginning, we listen. Our team of experts develops a thorough understanding of your strategic business goals. We work with you to understand your objectives and needs, and then we work on bringing in the best methods and technologies to help you with your product success. We believe each customer project is unique and each creative concept requires innovation to become successful new product. We bring in talent, expertise, and innovative ideas to help your product reach its potentials.

Avior transforms your product idea, marketing requirement, or product specification into a successful product. We apply a creative yet methodical approach, which enables us to explore solutions that combine novelty with innovation and have resulted in innovative products.

Project Management is key to insuring that your new product development project will be successful. Your project will be led by a skilled Avior Project Manager, who has experience in managing projects from the concept phase, through the design/development phase, and into manufacturing. Your Avior Project Manager is expert at resolving issues and mitigating the risks of your project. Our Project Manager will utilize our ISO 9001 certified Product Development process to ensure that your product development project flows smoothly. We will maintain close communication with you throughout the project to insure that your project continues to be consistent with your needs at all times.

Avior provides innovation for dozens of different industries. As a result we are constantly exposed to research, science, emerging and developing technologies. These technologies can be adapted and refined to solve problems in seemingly other unrelated categories. Combinations of new technologies can be applied in non-traditional ways to create exciting and profitable solutions.

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