Innovative design team.

We are a company full of people with a track record of successful products and will take your success personally. We pride ourselves on sharing knowledge, on strong communication and on documentation of our process. We focus on a team work approach and inspiring creative solutions that result in compelling and successful business results. Our work is important to us.

Bringing your product ideas to Avior ensures you will receive outstanding support, quality, and best cost solutions to better enable you to compete in the rapidly evolving world of technology products. Our team is full of highly talented engineering and hard working individuals with experience in research, design, prototyping, software, electronics, verification, validation and end-user functional testing.

We offer product development and testing services. Our team brings years of experience in bringing complete devices to market. We have leveraged some of the best talent in the industry to better serve our customer in efficiently developing and launching innovative products to markets.

Our partners are industry leaders whose innovative products have improved the lives of many. Examples of our most recent projects include micro-controller based systems with embedded real-time software and wireless links to back-end server applications. Independent validation and verification testing includes wide range of complex software-based devices and monitoring equipment. End-user functional testing and documentation for the FDA and CE Mark certifications are also part of the Avior services.

We have the expertise to accurately estimate project cost and risks to meet end-customer business goals. Avior empowers individuals to make a difference, encourages informed risk-taking innovation, attracts, retains and develops a world-class team.

Avior takes great pride in the ability to define product requirements, accurately estimate the costs and risks of a customer’s project, and manage the full range of project deliverables to meet end-customer business goals.

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